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I'm Blue Topaz and I'm the founder of More Precious Than Gold.

My hope for this blog is to encourage you (yes you!) to have a more biblical mindset toward certain topics. Along the way we'll be hearing from several of my friends (including my best friend! see Sapphire.) and getting different views for each topic we discuss. We'll have some fun along the way, doing topics like favorite poems, friendships, and personality types. Every once in a while (probably twice a month) we'll have a guest blogger who will come at the issue from a different point of view than we do. (Ex. If we're doing a topic about waiting for marriage, we might get someone that is already married.)

We depend on the faithful reading of you and the helpful comments you contribute.

Let's get started then!

<3 blue topaz

P.S. We'll be starting our topics in a week or so so make sure you stay updated!

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