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10:48:00 AM

The Bible is the instruction book to life. The more you know the Bible, the more you will know how to handle yourself, lifes decisions, and most important, the more you will know the character of God. I study my bible most every morning, and often in the evening during family devotions. I study the Bible slowly, sometimes lingering on a small section of Scripture. I’ve found that I will learn more if I study at a slower rate.  Reading through the bible in a year is awesome, and this is an excellent way to study Gods Word as well, but for me, I find it better to read little by little. Finding a good place to do Bible study is helpful. I try to find a quiet place. The quieter the place is, the more I can focus on God, and his precious Word. It is crucial to study Gods Word because it is the instruction book to life. If we dont study Gods Word, we wont know Him. How sad that would be because He offers us not only eternal life through the blood of Jesus Christ, but also peace in the midst of the turmoil of this earthly life. Also, I for one, would like to shine Gods glory, and share His love with the world, and the more I know the Bible, the more my life should reflect His love! God bless!~Diamond


  1. You have a wonderful insight to life Emma and your mom and dad have done a great job at equipping you with the best tools to work your way through life. As Psalm 119:105 tells us, the Word is a light for our path. It speaks life into us and always shines light even where the world would seem dark. You are a beautiful soul shimmering for the world to see and know the light and love of Christ.

    1. Thank you Aunt Morgan! That is a great verse.


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