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Handel's original work of the Messiah.
Today we're having our friend, Amazonite do another guest post! I hope you can learn from what she has to say today.


Music is extremely powerful and can be used of Heaven or Hell. Literally.
Last night I played the harp in a nursing home and before I left, there was such a sweet spirit of praise: one elderly gentlemen had requested "How Great Thou Art" again and a good handful of folks were singing along real low.

But for Heaven or Hell. Do you remember that Lucifer had a position of music
leader in Heaven before he was cast down? (Ezekiel 28:13) And even now, no one can deny the BAD spirit that starts fighting against you when at a red light you pull up beside a car that is going, "Bum. Bum. Bum." Side note, there are actually back beats in music that are used to go against your heart beat and make opponents faint in some-shall we say, "questionable" forms of Martial Arts.

Stay away from the music of the devil. You know what it is.

But remember that The Lord God CREATED Music before time started and it is a beautiful aspect of praise that we can worship Him in!


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Thanks for reading!

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