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Obviously one of my hobbies is not photo editing... (haha as you can tell).

But I'm here to talk a little bit about some of my hobbies and (hopefully) to hear from you all on what some of your favorite things to do are.

A hobby is something you like to do in your spare time. And while recently I haven't had a whole lot of "spare time" per say, there are some things that I like to do to keep my hands busy.

1. Blogging

Ok, so obviously I like to blog. (Although recently I've been slacking off a little... sorry guys!)

There's just something about being able to write my thoughts down for the world to see and get feedback on what I think. It's scary to put stuff out there... so it's also good to push me out of my comfort zone while leaving me in the comforts of my home. :)

2. Journaling

Now, journaling is a lot like blogging... only it's not for the world to see. Just not yet at least.

I've had several ideas that I've gotten from writing in my journal that became full blown blog posts. It's a way for me to get my thoughts out... and though sometimes it can get messy, it's always worth the effort. 

3. Crafting

So, if any of you read my other blog then you know I like to make things. Cards to be exact. There's a lot of satisfaction in making something beautiful. 

And though there are times when I can't get my creative juices flowing, there are plenty of other times where I see two papers that go together and can't stop myself from wanting to make them fit. In my mind it's like a puzzle... certain things just fit and certain things don't.

4. Dancing

Dancing is my life. Like literally. If I could only do one thing for the rest of my life, it would be dance. Now, I'm not one for always wearing pointe shoes and having your splits perfectly, but I'll be heading down that road soon enough. Ballet is fun not a time to kill yourself.

I'm not that hard core. Yet. 

5. Working Out

You have no idea how great I feel after a good work out. Sure, during it I might not feel the best, but it's all worth the effort. And I'm always happy I took the time to do it.

Even if I can't walk for a couple days. ;P

Ok, so there's a few of the things I like to do in my spare time. What about you all? What do you do when you've got a couple minutes?

<3 ashley


  1. I actually like to knit and crochet! Not so much lately, because of my immense TBR pile and my stories that are begging me to write them, but I did crochet two full-sized blankets last Christmas!

    I also enjoy reading and writing (you'd never guess)

    And some sports: volleyball, soccer, and basketball. (Horse riding if that counts)

  2. Oh really! I used to crochet but my fingers just feel really uncomfortable whenever I do something small like that. But it was fun while it lasted!

    Haha ya I like to read too... And I also have a giant TBR pile that I should be working on *twiddles thumbs* and unfortunately I'm not really a writer...

    Ooh, volleyball! And soccer is pretty awesome too. My bro plays basketball but I don't play any sports. Haha horseback riding is totally a sport!

  3. Haha... When I first started, I was so bad. And I was doing the stitches backward! But I've gotten much better :P

    I've been meaning to read Winter (Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles) but it's so long and right now it's dragging a bit. But I also don't feel like starting any other books, so I'm kind of left floundering... :/
    And my writing... Hopefully I'll get lots done in July because of Camp NaNo, but who knows?

    I don't play any sports professionally or on a team, but I am starting beach Volleyball this week :)

  4. Haha yes mine always went too tight! Ya practice makes perfect ;)

    Oh yes I've read Winter and Scarlet but I'm taking a little break before reading Cress and the other one which I can't remember the title to right now... But yeah they can be a little slow sometimes.
    Oh yes that would be great!
    Ok, well that's still fun! I like volleyball though I'm not really any good :)

    1. Winter is the last one :P
      I think you mean you've read Cinder and Scarlet, right? But I mean if you've read Winter first, than you've read the last book before all the others ;)

    2. Haha that's right. I was thinking I had that out of order... So ya I've read Cinder and Scarlet. My brain isn't working today... Then again it normally isn't. :P

    3. Hahaha, yeah :P My brain doesn't like to work either


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