Summer Poem

11:06:00 AM

Picture photographed by Joshua Osborne

Welcome summer! There are so many great things about summer time. As you enjoy this lovely season, remember to praise and thank God for the many gifts he shares with us! Here is the Poem I chose for summertime. I hope you enjoy! 

Rare Flowers
If I found beautiful rare flowers;
I'd share this beauty with you.
In hopes that you would receive it;
And enjoy its fine beauty too.

God is the God of miracles;
This saying, though old, is true.
From the gleaming sun of creation;
To the tiniest flower of blue.

From whispering winds of refreshment;
To showering splashes of streams.
From beautiful fields of flowers;
Colorful rainbows, bright stars and dreams.

Each an amazing miracle;
Bringing faith to a doubting heart.
God's hand has created great fountains;
In dry cold desert places of dark.

On dead soil, a desert lay waste;
Until the hand of God intervenes.
The miracle hand of God's grace;
Sprouts flowers in places not seen.

I have, found beautiful rare flowers;
Not known to the natural man.
Found in the places of God's touch.
Flowers of faith, I hold in my clutch.

I will not keep this treasure to self;
But cast their beauty to the wind.
And ask the Lord to direct their flow.
Empty deserts, may you bloom and grow.

And as the Lord looked upon the deep;
A lifeless flow without form or void.
Transformed the dead, to light and life;
Filled with flowers now so enjoyed.

I know a heart can be flowerless;
Dead and dark, in coldness and despair.
But the God of miracles and love;
Transforms, and makes alive, He cares.

Replaces the stones of deadness,
Replaces the spaces of dread,
With New Life, and fountains of His Joy;
He raises a soul from the dead.

Please take the flowers of kindness.
Please receive the flower of Grace.
Jesus died and arose in power.
Your heart can be transformed this hour.

May your heart bloom and shine in His grace;
When you see His gift of love so true.
Let the flower of faith bring life to you.
His great Salvation, will make you new.
~ Susan Y Nikitenko ~


  1. I love your blog, one mentioned you had another blog? Please text me the site if you would like to share it with me.

    I do wish there was a date and not just a time stamp on the posts if possible 🤗💕

    1. Thank you Grandma. I am not posting on any other blogs, though I follow a few of my friends blogs that I could have the links from sent to you. Also, I'd be happy to add the date as well! Your feedback is very helpful! It's great to hear what others think of what I post, and what I could do different :) Thanks so much Grandma!

  2. Here are the links to the Blogs. The first is made by Blue Topaz's brother (Blue Topaz is the one who is doing the blog with me), and the second is Blue Topaz's second blog. and


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