What makes Fall Special

8:12:00 PM


What’s special about fall? Here are a few reasons:
The fashionable fall outfits: Sweaters earmuffs mittens boot-toppers knitted hats and so much more!

Family and friend get-togethers: Sisters brothers BFFs Parents cousins Grandmas Grandpas all make the season brighter!

The delicious fall flavors: Gingerbread pie breads cloves homemade jam etc. etc. etc.

And how could I forget the very best part of fall? Grateful hearts and smiles all around!

Thanks so much for reading! Happy Autumn! ~Diamond


  1. Fall, I love the cooling crisp air, the orange, yellow and red leaves on the changing trees, the smell of fires in the air which means families are snuggled in their warm homes.

    1. Thank you Grandma Eveyln! Fall is such a lovely season :)


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