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Monday, December 19, 2016

Hello everyone! Can you believe it's almost Christmas? It's less than a week away! Not quite sure where the time went...

Well, I'm here today to tell you all a little bit more about my family. You may want to buckle your seat-belts because this is going to be a wild ride. :)

There we all are! So let's jump right in.

I'm the oldest. I'm 18 almost 19 right now. I love dancing, blogging, and making cards. You can see some of my card creations on my other blog here. I graduated from high school last August and am now working for a home-school group twice a week as a nanny and volunteering at a pregnancy center. College is in my future somewhere (I'm thinking maybe next fall) as I want to pursue midwifery/nursing.

The second oldest is Jonathan. He's 17 and shares a birthday with his twin, Justin, who is only 20 minutes younger than him. Jon is obsessive over reading and writing. He's already completed his first novel and is working on a second. You can read his writing blog here. He's in 11th grade and will graduate with his twin in 2018.

Justin is the third oldest. He's 17 as well. He plays basketball with a home-school team and is doing really well. He's also in 11th grade and will graduate in 2018. He also just recently got his license!

Jake is 15 and is also a budding writer. He's in 10th grade and works hard on school. He got to participate in a lego robotics team with his younger brother and some friends this year.

Joey is 13 (almost 14 in Jan.) and loves to draw. He's definitely an artist in the making. He takes an art class and has been growing his artistic ability. He's in 7th grade and also got to participate in the lego robotics group with Jake this year.

Anne is 11 and full of giggles. She loves all things girly and is in a local Bright Lights group that I help mentor with another home-schooling mom every other week. She also loves to read and goes through entire books in a day sometimes!

Abi is 8 and is full of energy. She's a cowgirl tomboy who loves sword fights and horses. She's learning to read currently.

James is the youngest. He's 5 years old and is full of smiles and energy as well. He started kindergarten this year.

And my dad and mom are the proud parents of all of us!

So there's a little bit about our family. Hope you enjoyed! And have a merry Christmas!

<3 blue topaz


  1. You have a very cool family, it's nice to have big family's isn't it? I had no idea that you where Jonathan's older sister. So like all of the older sibling like to write?

    1. Thank you marrok! Haha yes I love having a big family. Do you have a big family too? Oh yes well we don't really say stuff about it on our blogs very often. Pretty much! Except Justin... he's kinda a sports guy ;)

    2. Yup! Altogether we are one person less then your family. Well sports are just as fun as writing :)

    3. Oh that is pretty big family! Haha yep! We enjoy watching him play just not playing ourselves lol

  2. So cool to sort of meet you all at once in the same post. ;) I think I knew all your names from various comments/posts but that was about it. Big families are the bestest. :D

    1. Yay! I'm so glad too! Yes I totally agree. Big families are so fun. Thanks for the comment Rebekah!

  3. So fun to "meet' your family, Ashley! :)

    1. Thanks Faith! It was a fun post to do! Thanks for commenting here!


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