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Hello Gents and Ladies! I hope you have had an incredible 2016, and will have an amazing 2017.
Our 2016 was quite an adventure. Starting in March the main floor of our house was renovated. It took a couple months to finish the redo, and my family lived in our unfinished basement during. It was a lot of fun, though a little cramped… After the beautiful renovation was finished lots of family started visiting. While my Aunt Morgan and cousins were visiting we got a call that my dear Grandpa, who lives in California, was in ICU. We left the next day with our Aunt to go see him. When we got there my Grandpa was very happy to see us, and thankfully made it out of ICU while we were there. Since we were already in California checking on Grandpa, my family, and my Aunt and cousins, went to LEGOLAND. It was a blast, and hanging out with my cousins Tyler and Levi, made it even more special. Then came birthdays for Gracie and me. We decided to share the celebration, and went on an overnight with some friends. We had a splendid birthday! After that, we went on another trip to California with some friends of ours to Disneyland. Disney was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!!! I rode many big rides, my favorite was Screaming California. I also participated in a Disney animation art class and learned a lot of new techniques. Next we celebrated Christmas at home and played games. It was a really great year in-all and I thank God for that! Have a lovely 2017! God bless~Diamond


  1. 2016 sure was a packed and busy year for us all. Thankful that everyone has remained healthy and for all that you have accomplished this year, love you.

    1. Thank you Grandma! It is so great to receive a comment from you! I love you <3


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