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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'm preparing a little piece about this for a Bright Lights group I help lead and I was thinking; since I have the outline why not go ahead and write a blog post about it! So here we go!

A testimony can be a good way to present the gospel to an unsaved person. It's your personal story of how you got saved and have grown in Christ.


Why would you tell someone or write your testimony? I think there are several reasons why we should. 
  1. Reminder of God's goodness - This really should be the main point of a testimony. To show how God has rescued us from our sin.
  2. Vehicle for the gospel message - If you have some time with someone, this is a really great way to start a conversation about Jesus. It's also encouraging to other Christians to hear about all the different ways that God works.
  3. Help you own your faith - If you can put your testimony into writing it's a good chance that you have a solid view of what salvation is. Remember that your salvation is a personal choice that you make. So no one has the same story that you have! 


Now let's talk about some tips when you're writing/telling your testimony.
  1. Don't get hung up on a time or place - If you can't remember all the exact details then don't worry about it! Remember that the main point of your testimony is to give God the glory! 
  2. Include Scripture - Don't only use your own words! Use some of God's words too. :)
  3. Give a clear gospel message - Since a testimony can be used to help draw people to Christ, it's a good idea to include a clear gospel message! 


Now that you've got the why and the how let's talk about the when. 
  1. Look for open doors - Questions are your best friends here! A simple question someone asks you about your faith is a wide open door to proceed into your testimony. 
  2. How to tell if someone's interested - Sometimes when you jump into your testimony, the person you're talking to will shut down. How do you know though? If someone is actively looking at you and maybe even asking about certain parts of what your sharing, there's a good chance that they are open to the gospel message. If they're not really paying attention or just trying to be polite, they may not be open. Everyone is in a different place and hopefully you planted a seed. But that might be a time when you don't push.
  3. Be discerning! - Remember that we're not here to pick a fight. If someone starts getting rude or testy, it may be time to back down. We're not trying to be offensive in the way that we present the good news and though the Bible may be offensive to some, we ourselves don't want to come across as trying to offend.
Now this isn't an exhaustive list of any of these three points and writing a testimony is a lot more complicated than some 3 step plan. A lot of thought and prayer should go into a testimony.

a p.s. for those of you who don't feel like your testimony is life-changing

You've heard the testimonies. Where someone gets up and talks about how God saved them from drugs and alcohol and such. And everyone sits in awe and thinks about how amazing that is. But what  if your testimony is one of being saved from a young age and growing up in a good Christian home?

Well, for those of you who have stories like that, I want to tell you something. Your story does matter. No matter how mundane your story may seem, God can always work through it. Ultimately, your story is one that shows God's goodness and faithfulness in ways the other stories can't. You can be grateful for the life God gave you and the privileges you enjoy. 

So, do you think you could write your testimony now?

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