What I like about Winter

I don't know how the weather has been where you all are, but here in Colorado we've had a lot of snow and ice and general cold weather. New flash: it's still winter guys.

Now, winter isn't my favorite season, but there can be beauty found in every one so I've decided to think positively about winter and think of the things I like about it.

Okay, so this may be a little confusing at first but bear with me. Snow is simultaneously my favorite/least favorite thing about winter. Because come on, snow is really pretty. There's a beautiful serenity that comes after a snow storm and seeing the landscape covered in white is often breath-taking.

But... the thing I don't like about snow is cold. I don't like the cold. And wind. Oh, it would be nice if we could have snow without the cold and wind!

Another thing I like about winter: hot drinks. Sure you can drink them in the summer but it's not as fun. Hot coffee and hot tea are so much better in the winter - trust me on this one.

And this has been Why I Like Winter with blue topaz. Stay tuned next time to hear another ramble about goals. :D

Oh yes and I found this winter-y poem I wanted to share with you all.

I do not mean to scare you,
But there's winter in my bones,
And when life become too heavy,
You can hear my glaciers groan,
Sometimes I don't go out,
Because my heart has been snowed in,
And it doesn't take too much,
For avalanches to begin,
But do not get me wrong,
There's beauty in the endless white,
The ice along my lashes,
Helps reflect back all the light,
And it's easy to find magic,
Skating on the frozen lakes,
Or in sticking out your tongue,
To catch the softly falling flakes,
The forest floor is freezing,
But the trees are wearing coats,
And I've seen the whistling wind,
Wearing a scarf around it's throat,
So do not waste your worry,
On all my blizzards and my storms,
I've got my own internal flame,
That always keeps me nice and warm.
~Erin Hansen

So what are some things you like about winter?

<3 blue topaz


  1. Yes! hot drinks are more fun when it's cold. It's so cozy to drink coffee or hot chocolate sitting by the fire, watching a movie with the family or reading. I also love on the rare occasions when it snows. It hasn't snowed this year where I live. *major sadness* 😭😭😭
    Also I get to wear boots every day. And sweaters. And my winter hats.

    Today actually felt amazing outside though. I was wearing a T-shirt.

    1. Oh yes hot drinks make you feel all warm inside so it makes sense to drink them when it's cold. Aw sorry you haven't gotten any snow :( snow can be really fun sometimes.
      Ah yes sweaters are like my favorite thing! And boots 👌🏻
      I know it's actually been really nice here too. I was wearing a tank earlier this week. I'm getting used to the warm weather ☺
      Thanks for the comment celestria!

    2. It's crazy, it should be colder!! Lol. You're welcome. I enjoy reading😊

    3. Ikr? It's February! Aww well thanks ;) I enjoy hearing from you :D

  2. It may be cold on your side of life...but on mine, it's as warm as water in a simmering pot on the stove.

    I've never experienced a snow storm...or fully-fledged snow for that matter. I live in South Africa, where our weather is pretty mild and not as extreme as it seems to be in Colorado.

    Lovely poem. Also, winter can be your favourite and least favourite thing, simultaneously. Sometimes there are things that we can't live with but we can't live without.


    1. Aw well I'm sorry you've never experienced much snow in your lifetime - it can be quite a magical thing.

      That's so cool that you live in South Africa! Yes, sometimes here in colorado we can have some extreme weather.

      Well thanks so much for the comment, Steph! I love hearing about where you live too! and thanks for the link to your blog, I'll be sure to check it out ;)


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