Dear Christian, Stop Making Excuses

Monday, July 10, 2017

I can't help it. That's just how I am. I can't change myself.

Well, I had a hard upbringing and that's why I act the way I do. I don't know any other way.

I'm human. I make mistakes.

Excuses. We expect them from the world. But recently I've been hearing them inside Christian circles.

And I find it sad that we have to make excuses to each other in the body of Christ. We should be the ones who understand most what it's like to have grace for a fellow who's struggling. But maybe it's a deeper issue than others not giving grace.

Why do we make excuses? Because we don't want to take responsibility for our actions. We don't want to take the blame. So, we blame someone else.

We blame our parents. We blame our spouses. We blame our siblings. We blame our boss.

We blame God.

Here's the tricky part. Those statements at the beginning, some of them may be true. Maybe we did really have a hard upbringing. Maybe we really don't know another way. Maybe that's all true.

But are we striving to learn more from the Bible? Are we putting our past in the past and not dwelling on it? Are we living everyday intentionally seeking God's Will?

Because maybe you had a bad past but that doesn't define you. The Bible says we are a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

So, instead of making excuses for our behavior, let's instead take responsibility and work toward becoming more like Christ every single day.

Dear Christian, are you making excuses today?


  1. Wow yes. I needed this today, Ashley. 'take responsibility and work toward becoming more like Christ every single day' <-- so true and I need to be reminded of this all. the. time. It's so easy to lose focus, but it's so important not to.

    1. Glad you were encouraged by it, Jane! I think we all need the reminder every once in a while. ;) Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment!


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