4 Reasons to Love Fall

8:02:00 AM

Monday, November 6, 2017

It's time for my annual Fall post (check out last year's post here). Normally, I'd do it a little earlier in the season, but we had our friendship series and I didn't want to interrupt that!

Speaking of our friendship series; I really enjoyed it! It was a nice "break" (break is in quotation marks here cos I still had to write on my other blog and I was working on another series for this blog but you know... a blogger's work is never done!) for me, and I hope you all enjoyed getting to hear from some different bloggers.

Well, now you're stuck with me again (sorry) and I'm here to spout off some wonderful things about Fall and why you should love it too.

Every year, I seem to love Fall more and more. Though it does bring with it the start of new school semesters and cooler weather, it seems to me that the perks outweigh the cons.

What are those perks, you ask? Let's look at a four of them today.

1. Hot Drinks

Even for those of us who drink said hot drinks all around the year *ahem* there's no denying that a hot mug of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa warms you on a chilly day like nothing else can.

2. Leaves

Aren't the leaves during Fall just gorgeous? Seeing all the colors and varieties can at times be breathtaking. It's funny because the leaves are dying, yet they are so beautiful that no one would ever guess they were.

3. Candy Corn

Why, oh why, do they only sell these during Fall time? Maybe because they are orange? Candy corn is one of my favorite Fall treats, and I look forward to when stores start selling it. I'm thinking stores purposefully only sell it for a certain season so they can make more sales? I don't know, but it is a seasonal thing.

4. Pumpkins

I'm sure all of us have carved a pumpkin at least once in our childhoods. And carving pumpkins can be hard sometimes! But it's not always about how the carving turns out, but the memories we make while doing it. :) I love going to pumpkin patches and getting to pick out a pumpkin as well!

Obviously I could think of a lot more things that make me love Fall, but I decided to only list 4 here. I listed 4 last year, and I'll probably list 4 next year. The point being that my list is endless. :P

What are some things you like about Fall?


  1. These were great, Ashley! I totally agree. Candy corn is sooo good. I kinda wish it was an all-year thing, but then again I might not appreciate it as much when I do get it. ;D

    1. That's true. I guess we do appreciate it more because it's seasonal. Thanks for reading, friend :)


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