Ecclesiastes 3: Rent and Sew

Monday, March 5, 2018

"A time to rent, and a time to sew..." Ecclesiastes 3:7a
Have any of you ever done any sewing? Maybe you've sewn a quilt or some clothes. Maybe you've hemmed some pants or done some cross-stitch. Or possibly you haven't had any experience with sewing anything.

Sewing is fairly easy; yet it can also get pretty complex. I used to sew doll clothes all the time, but that was pretty much the extent of my sewing knowledge (although I did sew a skirt once and couple headbands).

I used to love to sew on my sewing machine; and I hated when the stitches didn't come out right. If they were crooked or straight when they should have been zig-zagged, I would moan in despair and take a break.

Because I hated having to take those stitches out. I hated having to undo all the work I did to do those stitches. Sometimes I would convince myself that it didn't matter if only one row was crooked - the finished product would turn out fine. But, boy was I wrong.

Sometimes that's how it is with life. We sew certain things into the fabric of our lives - what we believe, who are friends are, what are hobbies are, etc. etc. These are the things that make us who we are; they make us unique and different from everyone else.

We carefully stitch each stitch into our lives and make choices that will be woven into our lives forever.

But sometimes we have to rent out some stitches. And just like I hated taking crooked stitches out when I was little, most of us hate taking away the things that we have defined ourselves by. We feel as though we're losing part of ourselves; and in a way we are.

But with each pull and rip, the crooked stitches come out - and though it is often painful when it's happening, it makes our life fabric fit a little bit better.

Remember when I thought I could just leave one line of crooked stitches in and the whole piece would be fine? Well, I found out (often the hard way) that the whole piece wasn't just fine. Because even one line of crooked stitches will mess up the finished product.

If we have one crooked line of stitches (one wrong belief, one bad friend, or one sinful hobby) it messes up the rest of the right lines. And that's why, sometimes, God pulls at the seams and rips a few stitches out.

But we know that He does this so that we can sew a new line of stitches in.


  1. Good analogy! Thanks for posting this object lessen!

    1. You're very welcome friend! Thanks for reading and dropping a comment!
      And thank you for leaving your blog, I love checking out new blogs!
      Hope you have a blessed day <3


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