I Am Not Enough (But God Is)

Monday, March 26, 2018

There's a lot of pressure from other people, to simply be enough. Do you know what I mean?

There's other people in our lives who want us to be more than we can be. They want us to be their everything! And we want it from other people too.

We look at our boy/girlfriend and expect them to fulfill something inside of us.
We look at our kids and expect them to give us meaning.
We look at our parents and expect them to have all the answers.
We look at our friends and expect them to make us happy.

I don't want to point fingers here but the truth is all of us are guilty.

We have expectations of others that they can't possibly fulfill, and expectations of ourselves that we can't fulfill.

And we go in this endless cycle of being let down by others and letting down ourselves.

There's something inside of us that screams "I AM ENOUGH I CAN DO THIS" but there's another small voice that says "you can't do this on your own".

And deep inside we know that we can't be the perfect parent, kid, boy/girlfriend, friend, that we want to be. But we drown out that still quiet voice by yelling that we can be enough. What we're trying to do is convince ourselves that, in our own strength, we can do it.

The hard truth is we can't. 

But still, we try. And in our own strength, we fail others and others fail us. And we tell ourselves, "Well, that's life I guess" and try to move on.

And this cycle continues on and on until we're exhausted. We wear ourselves out by trying to be everything for everyone.

It's impossible to be enough for every single person in our lives. We're human, we'll fail, and we'll be less than perfect.

Because my worth is not in whether or not I'm "enough" for someone; my worth rests in a God Who is enough for me.

As Christians we don't need to do all these things to be enough for someone. We just need to be who we are, be doing what the Lord has called us to do, and that's enough.

I'm learning to come to grips with the fact that I am not enough. On my own I just make a mess of things. But God - He is enough. And when we invite Him to take a part in our everyday life and find our worth in His being enough - then we are able to be the person that He wants us to be. Not the person that everyone around us wants us to be.


  1. So, so true. He's enough—for us and for everyone. Thanks for sharing, Ashley. <3

  2. So true! God is our everything and when we put our trust in Him, He will help us through. Great post Ashley!❤

    1. Thank you Naomi! And yes you are absolutely right, He should be our everything <3 Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, friend :)


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