Dear Society: Stop Bashing Millennials

Monday, August 13, 2018

Dear Society,

I know we all have a lot of fun making jokes about millenials. I do it too. We joke about their work ethic and their soft skin. We joke about how un-productive they are

But underneath all the jokes, I think we're actually serious. We actually believe that most millenials are good-for-nothing bums. 

Of course, some of them are. But so are some Gen X's and Baby Boomers. So are people from every different age group and generation.

I know that it's more rampant in the millenial generation, but what are we doing to fix that? Who's fault is it that millenials are stereotyped as bums? Probably partly their fault, yes, but why do we keep our expectations so low when we know they are capable of more?

Instead of bashing on the millenials, is there something else we can do? Can we not let them give in to the low standards of society and instead set the bar a little higher?

We've enabled millenials to be who society tells them to be, instead of calling them to a higher standard.

Please don't be blinded by the stereotypical millenial that you're so closed off to the ones who actually are different.

And please set a higher example so that everyone - not just millenials - can rise to the challenge and meet higher expectations.

Yours truly,
An Almost Millenial
Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash


  1. A millennial is defined by Thrillist as anyone born between 1981 and 1996. So age wise, the true Millenial are older and both me and you. Essentially. I missed the Millenial age by a year. Today what we call Millennials sometimes can be younger than 21 ( in 1996 anyone born that year would be 20-21ish I think.) and are called post -millenials.

  2. The thing about the Millennials and post millennials, well I think, is the about of openly liberal - far left radicalism in some cases, and tend to lean less and less torwards Christianity. Thus why Christian millennials and post millennials should take a stand against the vast majority of openly opinions liberalism and socialism promoted and propagandized by colleges, and society. We should be different. True social injustace will NOT be solved by the popular ideas and ideology among millennials and post millennials that is NOT Christ based , but instead, human based.

  3. Sorry if I went off , but I feel strongly that people who are Millennialist and Post Millennials are promoting sinful behavior under the name of social justice, and actual social justice, they are dealing with things the wrong way. A atheistic without- Christ view. Without Christ, all their labor is in vain because only God can change hearts, and prejudice starts in the heart. The large amount of Millennials who promote change and social justice without Christ are doing nothing that will cause true achivement. It disturbs me in a way.

  4. Completely agree, Ashley. Amen. <3


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