Stop Chasing Guys // Finding Worth in God

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Dear Girlfriends, stop finding your worth in a guy.

The culture we live in makes everything about romance. There's so much pressure to be in a relationship.

We get bombarded by images and books about romance, and we see our friends getting in relationships and getting married.

And especially as young ladies, I think it's easy to get wrapped up in finding our identity in a man.

We have this need to be loved and accepted - more so than men do - and we think we can find them in a relationship. It's easy to feel like we're ugly if no one has asked us out or if it doesn't seem like there are any guys paying attention to us.

We're starved for some love and attention and we're looking for the wrong place to get it.

In a culture where rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence are so prevalent, us ladies are still dreaming of a prince charming who will sweep us off our feet and treat us the way we should be treated. We're dreaming of a man who will love us selflessly and care for us sacrificially.

But we forget that's there's already Someone Who does.

Someone Who loved us so much that he sacrificially gave up His life so that we could live.
Someone Who watches over our every step and Who knows all the hairs on our heads.
Someone Who cares for us in ways we will probably never realize this side of heaven.

We're looking for validation from men when we should be looking for validation from God. We're finding our worth based on a relationship status with a man instead of our relationship status with the One Who created us.

The closer we are to Jesus, the more content we'll be in whatever situation He has us in.

When I pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus, I find my worth and my value in Him and am not willing to just give any guy the time of day because he showed me some attention.

Because I know that I am loved and cherished.
I know that He is watching over me and that He cares for me.
And I know that He is all I need to be content in this life.


  1. as a guy, i'll toss in my thoughts. Guys have the same problem. Used to be a problem that bothered me. I wanted a gal so much. I still do at times, but I know it ain't God's timing. God's plan is bigger than any relationship would be.

    1. So glad you could relate to this Evan. Waiting for God's timing is always best, though it's definitely hard at times. Thanks for the comment! :)


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