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I'm always open to having guest bloggers come and contribute to my blog! If you follow the guidelines you're sure to be published!

If you'd like to guest blog please put your name and email in the Contact Me box and send me a quick message about the nature of your post. If I think you have a good topic I will contact you and give you some basic guidelines to follow. Then email me your post and I'll decide whether it is appropriate for my blog!

Some guidelines when considering your topic and writing your post:

Keep your post between 400 and 700 words.

Paste your post on the body of your email. Please do not send it in a Word document. This makes it harder for me to edit and post your submission.

Include a pic and short bio of yourself. (optional)

Topics can include a wide variety of issues, such as relationships, adulthood, teen struggles, or responsibilities to name a few.

Please include Bible references and/or Biblical examples in your post. 

Thanks for visiting this page! I hope you don't find all the guidelines cumbersome and you'll have a good idea of what to write for this blog! 

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